Official Cignature Beauty Logo Enhanced


Official Cignature Beauty Logo Enhanced.

Cignature Beauty provides 100% organic beauty products without synthetics, silicons, harmful processes, or harmful chemicals. We are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our products by ONLY using the finest organic and natural ingredients.We pledge to provide not only quality products but the best customer experience when shopping with Cignature Beauty. Cignature Beauty has mastered our beauty lines by creating collections that are not only luxurious, but that is also universal making our products universal for women of all origins.We believe in making every woman more beautiful, more confident, and healthier when using our products.



Cignature Care products commits to providing the world with organic products to ensure the safety of not only our environment but our customers as well.Our products are free of toxins, synthetics, and dangerous chemicals.Cignature Beauty allows customers to customize their products based on each individual's needs.By allowing customers to customize their own “Cignature” products, customers can finally feel confident about the products that are being purchased and used.

Cignature products are Certified-organic beauty products which work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients.  Better ingredients mean better results. Those with sensitive scalp or skin can especially benefit from organic beauty products that contain high-quality ingredients that won’t aggravate or worsen your scalp or skin.Our packaging is made from recycled materials to ensure we keep our promise of our mission to keep our environment safe.


We believe every day can be a great day when you treat yourself to the best ingredients! 

Cignature Beauty’s gorgeous Extensions are sourced from different countries and are handpicked for perfection! Cignature offers a variety of waves and curls ranging from a very subtle body wave to a beautifully soft, tight curl. All of our extensions from ANY of our collections are full of body, and life! Cignature Raw-Organic Extensions are known for only offering soft, full, and lightweight extensions which give your wearing experience a very NATURAL feel. Our extensions come in a natural color usually light or dark brown. All extensions can be colored and reused with proper care.


Here at Cignature Beauty, we strive to give you a compelling and peaceful shopping experience. We’ve chosen to offer extensions ranging from a variety of prices and textures so every woman can experience Cignature Beauty Raw-Organic extension.